Harmful Inheritance

Unemployed and penniless, Stephen Jones accepts an offer to move to London to work for his brother’s furniture restoration business. But when he arrives, he learns his brother, Peter, is dead, and he inherited the business, including all his brother’s assets. Determined to find answers, Stephen sets out to keep his Inheritance afloat and find his brother’s killer.

But the deeper he delves into Peter’s affairs, the more Stephen begins to unravel the web of lies covering the shady underside of the business and the truth of who his brother was. Torn between vengeance and protecting his new livelihood, With the help of his newfound love Tara, Stephen must learn to distinguish between friend and foe before he shares his brother’s fate.

Harmful Inheritance is a gripping mystery about the secrets hidden in shadows and the fine line one walks between vengeance and justice

About the author

I completed my high school education in East London South Africa and moved to London in 1979, where I spent most of my career in the Import-Export business.

In 2004 I was forced to change my career due to a stroke. I joined the Open University, where I studied computer programming. Since then, I have designed and developed hundreds of websites until I retired in 2014.

I now live in Kent, England and decide to spend my retirement writing novels. Sidetracked, Destroyed Trust and Africa Beckons are the three novels that make up the Transition Trilogy.

My fourth novel is No Sympathy for Murder and novel number five is Theft Comes with a Price. Followed by Harmful Inheritance.

I am currently working on my seventh novel and it should be available soon.

As a thank you for visiting my website, I offer you a free E-Book download of my latest book ‘Harmful Inheritace’. Just click the link below. No forms to fill in.








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